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Today we're going to let my friend Edgar who runs a home improvement blog educate us a little bit on the hardwood floor industry.



Texas is the second- most populous and also the second largest state in U.S.A. Geographically, it borders Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and New Mexico to the east, north-east, north and west respectively.

There’s a huge demand for flooring services in the state that is mainly driven by exponential growth and expansion of the real estate sector.

Some of the leading companies that provide hardwood flooring services in Texas are; Hardwood Flooring Services, Texas Floors, Kristynik Hardwood Flooring, Woodright Hardwood Flooring, Texas Best-Flooring Company Inc. and Austin Hardwood Flooring, among others.

  1. Hardwood Flooring Services

Hardwood Flooring Services is one of the leading companies in Texas that has been providing flooring services for the last 25 years. It has a unique business model that involves installing what they sell only (there’s no outsourcing of materials from other businesses).

The model enables it to give clients complete quality control, high quality installations, design expertise and workmanship warranty.

Hardwood Flooring Services has a feedback mechanism through which clients express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction, thus enabling them to work on both strengths and weaknesses.

The company also has a friendly customer support which responds to questions, suggestions and any other enquiries from both existing and prospective customers.

  1. Texas Floors

Texas Floors is a reputable company whose management team and employees understand the difficulty that people have when they need to install and maintain hardwood flooring for their business premises and homes.

The company provides a wide variety of options such as luxurious floors in hundreds of patterns and colors as well as beautiful domestic and exotic hardwood floors.

Employees assist clients in choosing from a diverse range of designs and styles of intricate patterned floors and also durable laminate, luxury vinyl and sheet vinyl flooring.

It’s strategically located in Cypress, Texas. Since the company’s main objective is to provide flooring services that completely satisfy customers’ needs, it has managed to attract new customers and also retain existing clients for many years.

  1. Kristynik Hardwood Flooring

Kristynik Hardwood Flooring is a 19-year old company that was established by two brothers; Eric and Cash Kristynik. Before the company’s establishment, the two brothers were involved in running another family business established by their father. Therefore, the Kristynik name has been associated with integrity and quality for almost 30 years.

Kristynik Hardwood Flooring provides the following range of services; hardwood & engineered installation, repairs and maintenance, hardwood flooring restoration (sand, coat, finish, wax and screen), existing floor removal, stairs and landings, stain & finish matching, fine woods & designs, custom stained & offsite finishing as well as customized hand-scraped flooring services.

The company has been experiencing exponential growth that has been driven by provision of quality and affordable products and services. As a result, it has consistently managed to attract and retain customers, build a strong reputation and beat competitors.

  1. Woodright Hardwood Flooring

Woodright Hardwood Flooring is a reputable business enterprise in Texas that has been providing exceptional flooring services since 1985. It has established a reputation of offering products and services professionally and within prescribed timelines.

The enterprise provides its clients with hardwood flooring services using materials made in its own state-of-the-art facility by properly qualified and experienced craftsmen.

It provides a wide variety of flooring services in Texas. The services include;

  1. Artisan quality sampling.
  2. Manufacture of floor components.
  3. Addition of intricate details such as laser capabilities and CNC routing.
  4. Provision of solutions such as shop-cured finishes.
  5. Conversion of ideas through the following stages; conception, fabrication, installation and custom finishing.

Woodright Flooring Services provides products and services through a process that involves three major elements; design development, artisan sampling and installation.

  1. Texas Best-Flooring Company Inc.

Texas Best-Flooring Company Inc. is an experienced, turnkey discount and professional business organization in Texas that only deals with top-quality hardwood flooring services and products. It has exceptional staff whose main interest is to provide unmatched and superior flooring services.

The company fully understands that floors are huge investments in clients’ offices and homes. Therefore, it undertakes every project with the seriousness that the assignment deserves.

All clients are provided with free samples and estimates. It’s among a handful of hardwood flooring companies in Texas that provide quality products and services at very affordable prices.

Clients in Texas who’re interested in getting excellent flooring services should consider procuring the products/ services of Texas Best-Flooring Company Inc.

  1. Austin Hardwood Flooring

Austin Hardwood Flooring is a leading company in Texas that is renowned for providing professional, quality and affordable flooring services. The company has been engaging in wood floor installation, hard-wood repair as well as refinishing services for the last 15 years.

It has built a solid reputation in the installation, maintenance and repair of three main types of hardwood flooring; pre-finished-engineered hardwood flooring, unfinished/ pre-finished solid hardwood flooring and un-finished-engineered hardwood flooring.

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